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Joseph Abraham is the CEO of Center for Global Innovation and Leadership Development, a global leadership development organization serving Fortune 500 companies and executives and Head – Growth for Growthfluence, a global marketing advisory and agency serving B2B clients including Fortune 500 companies across company’s 3 locations
In 2009, after identifying “the internet” and leadership development as a huge impetus to growing a business, Joseph grew his bootstrapped training business into a $290,000 value business in India within the first year. His passion to help global thought leaders stems from his journey and experiences of working with brands that are leaders in their own category and executives who lead these brands and organizations. He saw a huge gap of how some of these leaders were not identifying, clarifying and amplifying some key ideas that could have a huge impact in the world. His vision is to help transform atleast a 100,000 high impact visionary leaders into global thought leaders so that this world can be a much better place to live.
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Organizations and leaders hire Joseph to help their leaders develop contextual thought leadership in an ambiguous and volatile world. Joseph helps them through talks, coaching, fireside chats, seminars, and workshops.

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